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Chivas Bros., manufacturing one of the world's most presigeous trademarks of elite Scotch will celebrate 200 years since its establishment by a unique international on-line auction CHIVAS 200.
The auction will be organized by the world's top on-line company e-Bay. The aim is to collect record high proceeds, which will be spent on charities throughout the world.
CHIVAS 200 starts on September 6 and will continue till October 31, 2001. The auction catalogue is already available at www.chivas.com.
Internationally famous charity organisations, such as Rainforest Foundation, Make-a-Wish Foundation, HelpAge International, Help the Aged UK, CARE International, Voluntary Service Overseas, etc., have already been attracted to the auction.
The history of Chivas Bros. begans in 1801 when the brothers Jihn and James Chivas opened a quality goods shop in Aberdeen, Northeastern Scotland, where whisky distillers are concentrated. They skill, experiance and knowledge gained them fame of ingenious whicky blenders. The zeal and work of ten generations in the Chivas Regal company reached its culmination in the 90s when one of the world's most prestigious trademarks of whicky - Chivas Regal - was established.

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