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The leading Chinese producer of home appliances Hayer is starting to expand on the Bulgarian market, revealed the company on its presentation last week. The event was attended by Mr. Lee Piley, Hayer's Europe marketing manager, and Mr. Hristos Fisas, marketing manager for Southeast Europe.
The company will start importing its best product - air conditioners. Now Hayer holds 10% of the air conditioners' sales in Europe and over 50% of this market in China. Since 1999, when Hayer began to expand worldwide, it has opened 46 plants, of which 5 are situated in the USA. Its design offices and business centres are more than 70 and its distribution network includes over 53,000 retail stores all over the world.
According to Financial Times, the company was among the top seven in the Asian-Pacific zone in 1998. The same edition included Hayer's director, Yan Min, among the 30 best managers of the planet a year later.
Hayer will start its business in Bulgaria by importing air conditioners, refrigerators and frҐezers. Only in case of guaranteed trade profit will Hayer be able to invest in local companies or in establishing its own production powers in the country, said Hristos Fisas. He did not reveal if the company planned to open an industrial park with Bulgarian experts working in it.

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