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Replacements in the Management Board of the Bulgarian Car Insurers National Bureau (Green Card Bureau) are entering their final stage. The managers appointed in early April, when the bureau was established, were unable to start working because of procedure violations in the organization of the general meeting of the bureau. Appeals against the violations were filed in court by three insurance companies - Vitosha, Jupiter and EuroIns. Initially, the Management Board of the bureau had to include Atanas Tabov as chairman (representative of Allianz Bulgaria) and Tatyana Tchonkova (Jupiter), Borislav Mihailov (representative of DZI at the time he was elected), Yordan Genchev (Vitosha), and Tzvetanka Krumova (Bulstrad) as members. Later, it turned out that the board will only include three people. Atanas Tabov would remain chairman and Vassya Ivanova (DZI) and Doichin Atanassov (Hanover Koop) would be its members.Eventually, it turned out that only small replacements had been made. At the general meeting held on September 24, representatives of the nine insurance companies - members of the union, voted for further castlings to the managing body. Apart from the Chairman Atanas Tabov, the board again includes Tatyana Tchonkova (also appointed general secretary), Yordan Genchev and Tzvetanka Krumova. Vassya Ivanova remains a member of the board too. The only requirement for the new managers to start working is that the decisions of the general meeting, held at end-September, be registered in court. This is expected to happen within a couple of weeks. As soon as this procedure is over, however, Tatyana Tchonkova will be forced to leave Jupiter in order to take up her job as general secretary of the bureau's management.

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