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Some 3,000 civil servants will be sacked as of October 1. The lay-offs are in compliance with the pre-election promises, made by the National Movement Simeon II for reducing the state administration's costs. At its session on Thursday the Cabinet approved amendments to the structural regulations of all ministries, affected by the job-cuts. Finance Minister Milen Velchev specified that 10% of all 30,000 civil servants, employed in Bulgaria's public adminitration, will be dismissed from the executive.It is the Ministry of Finance that will part with the greatest number of its employees. A total of 800 state officials will leave the Finnace Ministry and the agencies, operating under its umbrella. Deputy Premier and Minister of Economy Nikolai Vassilev will lay off 61 of his subordinates, he confessed in front of journalists. The pay-roll of the Ministry of Health Care will be reduced by about 90, but there will be only 29 dismissals in the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications. The Ministry of the Environment and Waters will be the least affected by the lay-offs.The monthly savings from salaries after the reduction of the state administration's personnel is pre-estimated at some BGL 750,000.

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