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Cabinet Creates Chaos in Healthcare, Eyes Another BGN40MN

Ruling circles are changing healthcare legislation, only to cut medical services creating burden to the budget of the respective ministry. It seems that intensive care, IVF, vaccines and highly specialized examinations will be transferred to the National Health Insurance Fund, to lie on the shoulders of the fewer conscientious citizens who are insured. About a week ago the Bulgarian Medical Association refused to sign the National Framework Contract for 2013, although the prices agreed for clinical pathways were better for them. The boycott of doctors meant that health insurance fund will continue to operate under the current rules and can not accept payment for new activities.

At the same time, to the central budget will probably leak more than 40 million levs from peoplerquote s healthcare contributions, which again would confirm the finding of the rightist MP Dr. Vanyo Sharkov that the Ministry led by Plamen Tsekov has become

the piggy bank of the Finance Minister Simeon Dyankov. The extraordinary gathering of physicians presented data showing that more than 2 billion levs collected by the health insurance system since the beginning of the mandate of GERB has been buried in the state budget. It seems the government is trying more and more to take over the Supervisory Board of the Health Insurance Fund, which decides how to spend institutionrquote s money. While lawmakers and medical specialist are playing this game, the victims are patients.

For the first time in years, the professional organization of physicians showed a principled stance and refused to support the authoritarian style of solving problems in healthcare, and it did not endorse a framework contract with a health insurance agency that is becoming more and more state-controlled. This act can be considered as a failure of health minister Desislava Atanasova, who was absolutely convinced that physicians will tend to accept the will of the government. The Cabinet had prepared goodies for the white coats in the text of the agreement and therefore thought they have the agreement in their pockets. For example, next year, doctors had to get by 12 million levs more for treatment with GP directions and more sums for the GPs. Two million levs more had to go to hospitals due to the favorable prices of 30 clinical pathways. But doctors' union was not tempted by such presents and

firmly insisted intensive hospital treatment, the in vitro fund, as well as tracking mentally ill patients and those with skin and venereal diseases, as well as vaccination to remain commitment of the state.


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