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On December 9 Bulstrad insurance company initiated a big advertising campaign for the Civil Liability obligatory insurance. Most probably, the viewers of 25 TV channels and the listeners to the same number of radio stations have not missed any of the three advertising clips currently on air. Car owners, as well as transportation companies, have to consider where to insure their vehicles for 2003. Apart from the obligatory premium tarrif, fixed by the Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA), Bulstrad offers an additional level. Insurance prices there are much lower than the average prices for voluntary levels offered by most of the competing companies. Besides, insurance backing offered by Bulstrad for voluntary insurance is twice higher than ISA's lowest limits - BGN140,000 for property damages (instead of BGN70,000) and up to BGN200,000 for non-property damages (instead of BGN100,000). If more than two persons suffer damages, however, the company should pay BGN200,000 (the lowest insurance amount in this case is BGN150,000).Customers who have bought Civil Liability policies from Bulstrad are still allowed to use the privileges provided by the Union of Bulgarian Car Drivers (UBCD). They can carry out an annual technical examination of their cars for BGN6 in the service-stations of UBCD. In practice, they only pay the value-added tax and the state examination fees. Besides, customers insured by this company will pay 20% less for road aid provided by the union during the year.The news that Bulstrad offers lower fuel prices to car drivers provoked great interest. If car drivers sign Civil Liability agreements on the territory of any of Petrol oil-stations by February 9, they will receive an insurance policy accompanied by a voucher which allows them to fill fuel worth BGN5 without paying it. However, another partner of Bulstrad makes an even more attractive offer. Along with the insurance policies bought at oil and gas stations of Ecopetroleum, customers of Bulstrad will be given a card which allows them to fill fuel at stations of the company and pay BGN0.05 less than the usual oil price. The same card will also be given to customers who insure their home property or buy Casco insurance, Liability of the carrier, or Green Card in any of the Bulstrad agencies in the country. In these cases they are not obliged to possess a Civil Liability policy from the company. Each customer of the shopping chains Oasis, Ramstore or Fantastico, as well as each client of OMV and LUKoil oil-stations can profit by the services of Bulstrad insurance agents and provide himself with the obligatory insurance covering the risks born by third persons in car accidents.

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