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On the demand of the Ministry of Economy the Board of Directors (BoD) of Bulgartabac Holding has scheduled an extraordinary meeting of its shareholders for September 11. The meeting will vote amendments to the company's Statutes and changes in its management body. An expert accountand is to be appointed as well to attest Bulgartabac's reports for 2001.
The last general meeting of the company was held on July 26, but no change of the BoD was on its agenda. Kaloyan Ninov, representative of the Ministry of Economy, which owns 92.84% of Bulgartabac's capital, then refused to relieve of responsibility the BoD members, as he was not acquainted in details with their report, and said he would insist on a new meeting of shareholders. The BoD presently includes the former deputy minister of economy Hristo Mikailovsky, and Boyko Kishkov is Executive Director. Both of them have no chances of retaining their positions.

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