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The agreement for appointment of Bulgartabac Holding restructuring consultant was signed on May 30. The offer preferred among the three submitted ones came from a consortium including Sabev Partners lawyers' company, Eurofinance AD and Balkans Consulting Company OOD. The consortium won in a competition by several criteria, among which experience in preparing and implementing privatisation deals, selling majority stakes in commercial companies, restructuring commercial companies, experience in transactions involving shares of public companies on a regulated Bulgarian market, in the preparation of market and financial analyses, legal status analyses, estimates and information memoranda, technical and financial offers.
The restructuring consultant will have to prepare the analyses necessary for implementation of the sale of most companies in the structure of the holding, apart from the four tobacco products enterprises (Blagoevgrad-BT, Plovdiv-BT, Sofia-BT and Slance Stara Zagora-BT) and the manipulation company Pleven-BT AD. The remuneration of the consultant will amount to approximately EUR145,000 and if the deals are completed successfully, to 1.65% of each of their prices.
Bulgartabac Holding shareholders' general meeting is scheduled for June 29, when the distribution of a gross BGN0.7549 dividend per share will be voted.

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