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Almost 48,000 Bulgarians have serious intentions to work and live abroad for more than a year, a research of the inclinations on immigration among the population, conducted by Gallup International shows. In the last five years the number of people who want to leave the country for ever dropped by almost 50% (in 2001 their number was 61,100), but still more and more people are ready to stay abroad temporarily. Those who want to live and work abroad are also rising in number.
As far as labour immigration is concerned, 9% of the people want to work in EU countries for a year, and those who would settle for a longer period are 11% or 36,000. About 25% of them intend to depart within a year, a little more than 40% will do that within two or three years, and about a third plan to do that in the more distant future. The research showed as well that less than 4,000 Bulgarians would like to be employed for a long term in the EU member states in 2007. Spain and Germany are the most desired destinations. However, their number is expected to increase over the years to follow. In 2010 they will be almost 6,600 people, and after 2010 their number will go down to some 5,000.
A normal migration behaviour is expected, comparable with that of the average EU citizen, the study concludes. One of the main conclusions is that Bulgarians are not a threat to the EU labour market.

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