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The 26th international art exposition with participation of 2,500 creative artists from all over the globe will be held in New York, February 26 to March 1. This significant event will host the works of five Bulgarian artists, presented by the Triadis gallery: Andrei Yanev, Virginia Stoyanova, Angel Pachamanov, Deyan Vulkov and Slav Nedev. Unlike some public statements, this is not the first Bulgarian participation in that art fair. Through the now extinct foreign-trade enterprise Hemus which till 1989 was exporting Bulgarian art, the Bulgarian premiere was back in 1979, showing works of Dechko Uzunov, Martin Varbanov, Dimiter Kazakov-Neron, Alexander Petrov, and many other artists, presented in the catalogue of the expo. However only one picture (by Alexander Petrov) was sold out then.The owner of the trade gallery Triadis Desislava Moneva has a degree in art management and cultural anthopology of Southeastern Europe and hopes to make a push into the highly specialized circles at the expo. This is a difficult task considering that art trade is making its first steps in Bulgaria, the lack of a more lasting tradition and of financial power. It is known that participation in the most prestigious European and Amerian art fairs costs between EUR15,000-25,000 which is quite expensive for the modest Bulgarian galleries. The second hindrance is not knowing the contemporary situation and the trends in the development of post-modern art. The third obstacle comes for our status of almost unknown people on the art map of the world.The announcement of the Bulgarian participation in the art expo in New York is encouraging. But the final results will be far more interesting.

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