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The first meeting of the joint Bulgarian-Romanian committee for coordination of the projection and construction of the new bridge over the Danube at Vidin-Kalafat was convened this week. A protocol was signed and two chairmen were appointed - Petko Tabakov, Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, and Eliana Turenau, State Secretary of the Romanian Ministry of Public Affairs, Transport and Buildings.
Were adopted rocedural rules for the operation of the joint committee and a plan for its activities in the next few months. In the next several months the committee will take
decisions about assigning tasks and the preparation of the documents for the coming tenders for projection and construction of the future bridge. Working groups will prepare the documentation at the time when the committee does not operate. The working groups will prepare also all technical, operational, legal, financial, ecological agreements for the combined construction of the bridge.
It was decided that the joint Bulgarian-Romanian committee would meet once in every three months. This does not exclude the possibility of extraordinary meetings. The next meeting will be in September and it will be hosted in the Romanian town of Kalafat.
Representatives of the Bulgarian and Romanian governments took part in the meeting. Were also present representatives of the European Union, the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe, the European Investment Bank and organizations, financing the project.

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