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The prices of hotels along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, offered for sale on the real state market, jumped several-fold within two years. Thus, the prices of hotels of up to 40 rooms in Bulgaria and Greece became equal, experts commented. Presently, a 700 sq. m, 4-storey hotel is up for sale in the western part of Sunny Beach against EUR1.2MN.. It has 14 furnished rooms and 6 suites. In neighbouring Greece the Alkion hotel, near Athens, with 35 rooms, 6 luxurious suites, a swimming pool, a restaurant and a night-club, can be had at EUR1.44MN. It is still thought that hotels along our seaside are cheaper than those in Greece, but if the upward price trend continues in Bulgaria, within a year or two prices for vacationers in our country will certainly be higher than in Greece. Let's not forget, however, that the condition of Bulgarian infrastructure - roads, airports and ports, is still far behind European standards, which does not help to attract more holiday-makers.

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