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The Bulgarian project for certification of electronic signatures was among the nominations of the European EEMA forum on an international information secutiry conference, held in London in September 26-29. The project was presented by Information Service Ltd., which developed the whole process of introduction of the electronic signature along with Globalsing and Utimaco Safeware. These are the companies that certify electronic signatures for the European Commission and the Government of Belgium.The Bulgarian project attracted the attention of the British journalists. According to representatives of some companies that took part in the forum, Bulgaria is able to get ahead of the European Union member countries, which are still considering how to build their national public key infrastructure. KableNET.com, one of the most prestigious electronic editions in the IT-sector, paid particular attention to the project. Bulgaria might be the first country in Europe to issue digital signatures of all individuals and companies, commented the edition. The editorial body of KableNET.com includes representatives of the European Committee, the US Electronic Management Institute, G8 Government Online, and the British Government and Parliament. The system of certifying electronic signatures was presented in Bulgaria a month ago. The presentation, which took place on September 4, was attended by the Finance Minister Milen Velchev and by the Minister of State Administration Dimitar Kalchev. Both of them received the first electronic signature certificates.

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