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Export of Bulgarian electricity to Macedonia is decreasing because of the failed transition fees agreement between the National Electricity Company (NEC) and the Serbian Electricity Company (SEC). Last weekend representatives of the two national companies did not reach an agreement about the size of the fees for transportation of electricity from Bulgaria through Serbia to Macedonia. Brane Stefanovski, spokesman of the Macedonian Electricity Company, directly accused SEC by saying it has been refusing to provide transition lines for two months. The Serbian company asks NEC to pay 0.5 euro cents per each megawatthour that is to be imported in Macedonia, the spokesman said. The reduced import in these two months has caused huge losses to Macedonia, as it uses water supplies planned to be used as energy reserves in the winter, Mr. Stefanovski added. He said that the Bulgarian and the Macedonian electricity companies have signed an electricity supply agreement, but for the present Macedonia can only import Bulgarian electricity through the Serbian transportation system. Direct import will become possible when the 400-kilovolt inter-system distribution line from Chervena Mogila to Dubrovo is built. Construction works began this summer.

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