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The young artist Dimo Kolibarov won the Grand Prize for 2002 at the international exhibition Miniprint Triennal in Tokyo, Japan. It is specialized in mini printing, by which the Japanese artists are famous all over the world. The forum's organizers aim to review the latest trends in this field of art. The best work of each of the participants is chosen and included in a representative exhibition.The prize will open the doors for Mr. Kolibarov at a number of international exhibitions. Miniprint Triennal is a prestigious forum of printing and the participation in it is already an achievement. The Bulgarian artist exhibits in Tokyo for the third time, presenting two black and white drawings from his Sun-dials cycle. One of them won the Grand Prize. And as if to prove that the prize has been deserved by Mr. Kolibarov, the Union of Bulgarian Artists distinguished him at the annual contest in the section Printing, awarding him a 2-month stay at the Cite des Arts studios in Paris.The artist has been working on the cycles Islands, Sun-dials, and From Ikar's Diaries for several years now and in 2001 presented them at Art Expo in the USA. Last year Dimo Kolibarov won prizes at the international printing biennal in Varna and in Macedonia.A few days ago Dimo Kolibarov opened an exhibition in Nis, including 15 of his black and white drawings. He is presently working on several cycles in big and small sizes. His style is developing dynamically because the artist has already found his specific way. Dimo Kolibarov works on his projects, teaches in the Acedemy of Arts and actively participates in national and international exhibitions.

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