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Some EUR1.8BN will be needed for financing Bulgaria's strategic infrastructural projects, Deputy Minister of Transport Vessela Gospodinova said on March 14. The major part of this amount, EUR1.39BN, will be used for construction of roads and railways along the main European transport corridors.
According to calculations of the transport ministry, 78.4% of the money will be provided by the European funds and the remaining EUR357.8MN will be national co-financing. Among the priority road projects will be Vidin-Montana, Vratsa-Botevgrad, Kurdzhali-Podkova, Botevgrad-Pleven-Byala, Rousse-Veliko Tarnovo, and the completion of the Transit Roads IV program. In the railway sector, the money will concentrate on the modernisation of the roads Vidin-Sofia, Svilengrad-the Turkish border, Sofia-Plovdiv, Plovdiv-Bourgas, Sofia-Pernik-Radomir, and Mezdra-Gorna Oryahovitsa.
Surprisingly, the development of the national underground network ranks second among the priorities of the transport ministry. EUR157.3MN will be needed for this purpose, of which EUR128.6MN will come from the European funds and the rest should be provided by the Bulgarian state. It's curious that this money will be used for financing the expansion of the Sofia underground from the Interpred trade centre to the quarters of Mladost and Druzhba, although Metropolitan EAD is an entirely municipal entity.
Another serious accent in the operations of the transport ministry will be to improve the conditions for navigation and operation of combined transportation. EUR138MN will be allocated to facilitate navigation along the Danube river and EUR8MN will be provided for building information systems for the condition of the Bulgarian part of the river as well as for direction of the vessels traffic.
Our country has a sufficiently dense network of railways and roads, ports and air ports, but because of the chronic shortage of resources they are in an inadequate condition. They need urgent rehabilitation and modernisation in order to meet the requirements for a modern transport system, Deputy Minister Gospodinova said.
Approximately EUR3.5BN will be needed for completion of the national highway network, the most recent calculations of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works show. BGN393.9MN will be necessary for expropriation of the roads through which the highways Trakiya, Hemus, Maritsa, Cherno More, Lyulin and Struma will pass.

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