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Bulgarian firms will participate in a large-scale international project for setting up common infrastructure between several Arabian countries, Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Plamen Petrov announced upon his return from the visit to Yordan and Lebanon. Syria, Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia will also participate in the project. Obviously, new construction of many kilometers will be undertaken and Bulgarian companies, both private and state-run, should seize the opportunity to be included in the project, Mr. Petrov pointed out. The Transport Minister believes that this will facilitate the increase of transit railroad traffic from the Arab countries to Western Europe via Bulgaria, which according to him will go up after the constrcution of two tunnels beneath the Bosporus.I'd like to see the former transport corps apply for fulfilling parts of that large-scale project and I have ensured the necessary contacts with consuls and commercial attaches in the respective countries , Mr. Petrov explained. He also expressed readiness to present the available information to private companies, willing to take part. In addition I'll say that there is is a possibility for selling old waggons (the Bulgarian State Railways - BDZ EAD - has plenty of them in stock) to Arab countries. There will be favourable conditions for this because these countries will need a considerable increase of the rolling-stock in order to create a serious railroad infrastructure, Mr. Petrov commented.

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