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Do you know how surprised the Bulgarian authorities were when the President Deeds Administration laid claims for a large industrial complex? They reacted negatively until they saw the documentation.This was what Vladimir Kozhin, head of the administration, said in an interview for the Russian Vedomosti newspaper on June 3. The institution occupies not only with the state property but also with the delivery of goods for the needs of the authorities. It includes Goszagransobstvenost - an organisation authorized to act on behalf of Kremlin abroad. It is the one behind the Russian claims towards Bulgaria.It took us more than a year to fulfil the formal part of the president's October 2000 decree for better utilization of our property abroad, said Kozhin. He also explained why Moscow filed its first note in November 2001 laying claims for Bulgartabac and other assets. Now that the property has already been taken, we are making stock-taking. We also created a computer database. Meanwhile, we are developing a system for estate management and legal protection. Finally, we started to search for and return estates abroad, Kozhin added.The most interesting part of his statement is about the debates with other countries from the former USSR on estates abroad. The problem was also mentioned by the Bulgarian Premier Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotta in an interview for Rossiiskaya Gazeta. Asked whether Russian property abroad is threatened by distraint because of pending claims laid by the Ukraine, Georgia and other Baltic states, Kozhin replied: We closed the discussions with Georgia and the Baltic countries on this problem. They will no longer impede the reregistration of the USSR property abroad as Russian property. We are now waiting for the Ukraine to answer the note. Negotiations are still what we count on most. Apart from the debates for a few hospitals in the Ukraine, the interview says nothing about other claims except those to Bulgaria.

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