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As it was promised by Luigi Lavaglio, executive director and acting chairman of the Managing Board of Bulbank, the bank has a new management structure from January 31, 2001. The structure should help the bank meet all requirements of its clients and at the same time keep its leading positions on the Bulgarian market, he said.
The presiding position in Bulbank's Managing Board is still vacant, but the head of the Internal Control department - Hristo Tchamov, will be directly subordinate to the one who takes it. Alexander Pruvchev, head of the Economic Research and Public Relations department, will report its results to Mr Lavaglio.
Dimitar Atanasov will keep his functions of executive director and member of the Managing Board, but he will be directly responsible for the Logistics department. The other member of the Managing Board, Stanislav Georgiev, will preside the Planning and Analysis department. Kalinka Kirova is the head of the Liquidity and Capital Markets department. Kiril Stefanov, member of the Bulbank Managing Board, is also head of the Credit Risk department.
There comes the so called Business Line, which marks the beginning of a more closely specialized management hierarchy. There are five departments established in accordance with the type of clients. For example, the Key Clients department which includes the Ministry of Finance, the National Insurance Institute, etc., will be presided by Kiril Kalinov, who is also member of the Managing Board of Bulbank. Marin Marinov will lead the Corporate Banking department. He was manager of the Bulbank branch in Rousse. Momchil Andreev, executive director of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) until recently, will take the management of Bulbank's branch network. The director of the Vidin-based branch, Lyubomir Punchev, will become head of the Retail Banking department. Operation and Information Technologies department will be run by Peter Kalinov.

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