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Combating corruption is not among the prioroties of the incumbent Government, Tatyana Doncheva from the Executive Board (EB) of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) said. The EB's session made a decision to demand from the Cabinet a report on the post-privatisation control, carried out so far, BSP's Speaker Mladen Chervenyakov explained. The Socialists insist on a revision of the big divestment deals and on personnel changes in the financial control authorities, and require information about the persons from this sector for whom there is evidence about legal offences. The BSP also demands an improved exchange of data between the customs offices of Balkan countries within the framework of the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe.Obviously, the info system for counteracting corruption at the customs is unlikely to be introduced soon, but we want from the Government a clear schedule for the measures it would undertake in this respect, Ms. Docheva pointed out. The BSP warned that if the Cabinet did not start to practically combat corruption in the nearest future, the opposition would resort to all kinds of mechanisms for control.The right time for a non-confidence vote has not yet come, Georgi Pirinsky commented. The Government still has time to show what is can do, he believes. A non-confidence vote on the part of the BSP at a later stage will depend on the overall situation in the country, Mr. Pirinsky added.

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