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According to Andrew Howard, head of the relations with corporate clients department of the British company NHBC, construction in Bulgaria is still not of an adequately good quality and the security of real estate owners in the new buildings is not well-guaranteed. The same firm is a leader in construction insurance on the Island, thanks to a specially prepared scheme for insuring new construction. Its main requirements are good-quality at each stage, application of high standards, and ensuring the guarantee. In that way the company has guaranteed the security of more than 85% of the new housing in England and has attracted as clients more than 19,000 building contractors, Mr. Howard claims. In his words, such a type of insurance provides guarantees when making greenfield investments in housing construction and when making expanses for repairs resulting from low-quality fulfilment of construction. Such insurances in developed countries are usually for a period of ten years.
British experts were deeply impressed also by the huge number of uncompleted buildings in this country.

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