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Trade in real estates in Bulgaria is becoming increasingly specialized, depending on the region. Sofia is the only exception of the general tendency. The various market segments are almost equally developed in the capital. In the other parts of the country, however, demand is almost entirely in a specific track.
What characterizes the market in Varna and Bourgas, for instance, is the demand for plots of land in strategic locations, suitable for the construction of hypermarkets and malls. Local brokers expect a real boom in this trade over the next three or four years. Demand for leisure industry facilities was so fat the biggest along the Black Sea coast, but according to experts its zenith is already over and a smooth drop could be expected. Investors have already reorientated to the purchase of plots with a view to reselling them to big trade companies. It's not a secret that at least four more big chains in addition to Metro, Billa and HIT (which have already stepped onto the Bulgarian market) are investigating for the purchase of plots for the construction of hypermarkets. As the capital is already dense with such establishments, their interest will only logically direct to the two seaside cities where the number of vacationers has been on the rise in recent years.
Trade in real estates connected with transport services is the main accent in Plovdiv. A big logistics centre is already operating there and two more are to be set up within a year. Such a development is only logical considering the suitable geographic location of the city, through which the main trade road to Turkey passes. Plovdiv's role will increase still further when the Trakiya motorway reaches Bourgas. Therefore, it is certain that demand for warehouses and depots for temporary storage of various cargoes will be on the rise there.
After the big investment made in Sevlievo by the US company Ideal Standard, the region has begun to establish itself as an industrial centre. Other foreign companies, directly or indirectly connected with the production of sanitary fittings, are stepping into the town. That industrial zone is expected to expand along the Veliko Tarnovo-Gabrovo axis where foreign producers are settling, too.
The region of the Central Balkan between Veliko Tarnovo and Gurkovo has set up a record for the number of individual real estate purchases on the part of foreigners - mainly British and Irish. A next boom in the prices of country houses and land plots will be probably there, experts forecast. The real estates on the territory of the Bulgarka national park (near Tryavna and Voneshta Voda) are especially high valued.
Sandanski and its whereabouts are a priority of Greek real estate traders. The interest of our southern neighbours will increase still more with the improvement of the road infrastructure between Sofia and Koulata, brokers are adamant.

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