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Entrepreneurs who build hotels along the Bulgarian sea coast will have to withdraw their technical equipment and freeze construction works between May 1 and October 15. This is what the Black Sea Coast Act, adopted on first reading on May 18, stipulates. The sanction for violation of the terms will vary from BGN5,000 to BGN10,000. Exceptions will only be allowed for pressing emergency activities and repair works on the underground infrastructure.
According to representatives of the Democrats for Strong Bulgaria and the United Democratic Forces, the sanctions are too small and should be increased in the period between the two discussions in the plenary hall. The law is also trying to put an end to the widespread practice of building everywhere without considering any limits. It is not a secret that there is no central sewerage in most of the Black Sea complexes and the electricity supplying system finds it difficult to take up considerable burden and often fails to operate. Not to mention that there are no normal asphalt roads to most of the hotels.
However, local authorities will now be authorized to issue building permissions if only there is technical infrastructure built at the site. If the municipality has not done its job, investors will be allowed to build the roads by themselves.
Mayors will be authorized to remove at their own discretion sites from the beach when the sites do not comply with the construction norms. At present, concessionaries build whatever they want wherever they find a place. The regional governor will take care of the beaches that have no private owners. He will be allowed to rent them for up to 3 years in order to provide the obligatory presence of life-guards and medical workers.
According to opposition members, the proposed texts of the act will help for constructing the few areas that have remained vacant along the coast. In turn, the Gergyovden group requested that a ban be issued on building activities on the 200-metre zone along the coastline. Its members insist that the moratorium spread on the detailed construction plans that have been already affirmed. However, it is clear that the act will not be applied for past projects, i.e. hotels that have been built will not be demolished.

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