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The most probable new owner of the Plovdiv-based Typing Machines AD is Bisser Dimitrov, the former head of DZU (Dist Drive Units), who was much talked about in the first years of the transition period. This became clear immediately after the Supreme Cassation Court extended a ruling on March 13, which practically reinstated the former Supervisory and Management Board of the Plovdiv-based enterprise, dominated by Albena Invest Holding AD. The news about the projected deal was confirmed both by the former privatisation fund and by Mr. Dimitrov himself. I offered to Albena Invest a price of several hundred thousands of dollars for the company, the businessman said in front of the BANKER weekly. The holding is in a hurry because it needs money, and I'm delaying the deal until the privatisation of Inkoms Telecom Holding is completed. I hope the deal on Typing Machines will be finalized by the end of the summer. Its paarmeters are not specified yet due to legal unclarities regarding the company, Mr. Dimitrov explained.I don't intend to assemle typing machines, Bisser Dimitrov shared his plans in front of the BANKER weekly. I'll most probably bring in Plovdiv some of my partners from the Silicon Valley and we'll begin producing periphery devices, mechanical assemblies, and details. My partners and I have not planned teh exact amount of our future investments. They will be as much as necessary, but not less than USD10MN.

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