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Eight new procedures under the Administrative Capacity operational programme, worth BGN55MN, were opened on Tuesday by the Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform. Financing from the European Social Fund amounts to BGN46.75MN and the balance of BGN8.25MN has been set aside by the national budget. Two of the procedures (worth BGN25MN) are intended for the NGOs, the central, municipal and local administrations. Individual beneficiaries of the respective operational programmes can apply for the other six procedures (worth BGN30MN).
The first two procedures are: Civil society - more ideas for transparency and accessibility of the State administration and Strengthening the capacity of the civil society structures, with respective budgets of BGN11MN and BGN14MN. The main activities to be financed are: preparing of analyses, organization of studies, research, monitoring, evaluations, conferences, roundtables and seminars.
The deadline for filing applications is April 25, 2008. The minimum worth of a project is BGN100,000 and the ceiling has been set at BGN390,000. The term for implementation is 12 months.
The remaining six procedures are for individual beneficiaries, the Council of Ministers, the National Ombudsman, the Public Procurement Agency, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and various ministries, among them. April 30 is the deadline for applying. The minimum size of the financial assistance is BGN500,000 and there is no ceiling.
Meanwhile, it became clear as well how the earmarked BGN1MN for the info campaign, popularizing the Administrative Capacity programme, would be spent. BGN320,000 has been set aside for organization of info days and press conferences, BGN56,000 - for sociological research, and BGN20,000 - for seminars for journalists.
The advertising campaign will cost BGN488,000, of which BGN180,000 for a TV clip, a radio spot, INTERNET banners and printed materials. The remaining BGN308,000 has been projected for presenting the ads by various mass media. Another BGN63,000 will be spent for remuneration to the campaign's executor - the For Dialogue with the Administration consortium, chosen in end-November 2007 after a tender. The audit of the consortium's operation and the project's administration are worth BGN53,000 and have also been included in the released budget.

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