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The best Bulgarian investors, awarded at the international exhibitions Yena 2001 in Nurnberg, Germany, and Brussels Ureca 2001 in Brussels, were also conferred prizes for their inventions by MobilTel EAD. The Bulgarian GSM-operator assisted them to take part in the two forums where our participants won six bronze, seven silver, four gold, and one supergold medal, eleven special individual awards and a prize for collective participation.Because of the impressive presentation of the Bulgarian inventors the international experts and the official personalities at the two forums proposed the opening of a specialized hi-tech exhibition in this country in the summer of 2002. All prize winners dedicated their awards in memory of the recently deceased Vladimir Grashnov, whose support helped them a lot to take part in these international forums. MobilTel's prizes were handed by the company's Executive Director Roumyana Kyuchoukova and Georgi Stefanov, Head of the Bulgarian-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which organized the participation of the Bulgarian inventors in the two international exhibitions.

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