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Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) requested an increase of the asset base for SMEs. The requested change is a part of an overall strategy BCCI has for amendments of the current SME Act. It was presented at a conference in Sofia, where the problems discussed were the competition and cooperation between the small companies. The conference was attended by the Bulgarian Small and Medium-size Enterprises Agency (SMEA), as well as by local and foreign NGO representatives, among which were USAID, Management Systems International (MSI), the Polish Institute for Strategic Research, etc.
According to BCCI the asset upper limit for defining a company as a small one should be BGL2.5MN, and not BGL800,000 as it is now. The suggestion for a medium size company is the amount of assets to reach BGL5MN, and not the current BGL2.4MN. In the meantime should be increased the number of staff, and the medium size company should employ 200 people.
At the question to what extent do these definitions of small and medium size business realistically reflect the situation in the country, as it would mean some companies will drop out of this classification, Kremena Gocheva, BCCI expert said that the changes reflect the desire for harmonisation with the EU legislation.
The suggestions made for changes in the legal basis of business a related to financing as well. BCCI requests the government to launch certain financing to branch orgnisations for designing projects, training programmes, consulting, register maintenance. Against the financing the organisations undertake to keep SMEA informed on the status of the respective branch, as well as to make suggestions for amendments of the legal basis. According to BCCI experts this will enhance the dialog between governmental and non-governmental organisations.

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