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I think that news releases aired by Bulgarian National TV (BNT) are in a period of natural crisis, resulting from the emerging private TV channels and the subsequent staff fluctuation, said Mira Nejnska, director of the News Division at BNT to the Banker weekly.

The major problem for BNT, suffering the competition of the newly established national TV channels, is how to compete with the technical superiority of the private channels. BNT is going to change the vision of the news releases, which will be possible after the new equipment of Studio 6 is in place. Tender for the equipment is still running.

BNT will organize a training course for its staff. Journalists and experts from BBC are invited for some of its sessions. Some of our people did not had the opportunity to see and learn how developed countries make TV broadcasts, explained Mira Nejnska. Just watching TV programmes is not enough, so this type of exchange is valuable. I hope that financing the project will not create problems.

After the competition for the Turkish language news, a new one was also announced - for cameramen. There are plans to announce yet another one for reporters.

I think those who do not approve of the Turkish language news are narrow minded people, said Nejnska. I've had discussions with our correspondents in Kurdjaly, Haskovo and ther places, and I am aware there are generations, who do not speak Bulgarian. These people also have the right to get information. It can be delivered by either BNT or the Turkish TV channels. Shouldn't we try to attract them?

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