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Baron Daniel Jansen, Chairman of the Board of the European Round Table of Industrialists, advised the Bulgarian Government to speed up privatisation and the pace of reforms. The Head of the Board of Directors of the Belgian company Solvey is on a visit in our country along with representatives of Umicore and the Greek Delta Holding. According to Mr. Jansen all the countries which don't hesitate to introduce quick reforms, are able to attract considerable investments despite the economic crisis worldwide. The baron gave Finland and the Republic of Ireland (Eire) as examples of high economic growth thanks to established good business environment. Investors go where the markets and the profits are, he added. Baron Jansen is of the opinion that the state should not give tax preferences to any company no matter whether it is local or foreign as rules should be equal to all.At his meeting with industrialists Deputy Premier and Minister of Economy Nikolai Vassilev underlined that in the second quarter of the year Bulgaria will record one of the highest growths of GDP in whole Europe. At the same time Mr. Vassilev said he did not meet the necessary supprot from Bulgarian businessmen in his efforts to improve the investment climate in the country.

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