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Bankservice AD will pay some USD500,000 for the delivery of computer equipment for the introduction of the new BISERA 4 system (bank integrated system for e-settlement of interbank payments), Alexander Tsintsarski, Executive Director and member of the company's Board of Directors announced after signing a contract with IBM Bulgaria (the company that won the tender, invited by Bankservice, for picking out a supplier of hardware for BISERA 4.Five of the top computer companies - Unisys, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Compaq, and Sun - were invited to bid and the tender dossiers for participation were sent to them in the beginning of June, 2001.We chose IMB, because it offered the most advantageous price and best quality equipment, Mr. Tsintsarski explained.When the presently operating BISERA system was introduced eight years ago, its was projected for up to 42,000 settlements per day, and their number reached 275,000/day in the beginning of 2001. This justifies the necessity of introducing BISERA 4, which will be able to effect up to 1,000,000 operations daily and up to 300,000 operations per hour, Mr. Tsintsarski specified. This is more than 3-fold above the capability of the presently operating system, which provides for up to 270,000 settlements per day.The working out of BISERA 4 should be completed by the year 2002 at the latest.We aim to develop the new system prior the Bulgarian National Bank introduces the gross real time settlement for its highest priority payments, Mr. Tsintsarski added. Immediatlety after the introduction of BISERA 4, Bankservice will begin developing BISERA 5, which should satisfy the requirements for effecting instantaneous interbank settlements.

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