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In the beginning of June 2001 Bankservice will send out tender documents to all companies interested in supplying hardware and system software for the new interbank settlements system BISSERA 4-2001. On May 11, 2001, Bankservice Management Board voted the decision for the tender. Five companies, which are among the biggest in the industry - Unisys, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Compaq and Sun - have shown interest in participating in the tender procedure. Bankservice will announce its decision about the selected equipment supplier till September 2001. The new system is expected to start operation till March 2002 latest.
According to Alexander Tzintzarsky, the company Executive Director, BISSERA 4-2001 should provide for an average of 300,000 settlements a day (now their number is 90,000)
as well as to be able to make 750,000 interbank settlements (now their number is 270,000) and 150,000 per hour.
The need of implementing BISSERA 4-2001 is obvious, having in mind that the transactions settled through Bankservice grow by 20 - 25% per annum, said Tzintzarsky.
Till end of April 2001 the number of transaction reached 1.903MN for totally BGL5BN, while their number a year ago was 1.54MN for a total of BGL4.4BN.

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