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Bankservice AD was officially conferred the ISO 9001 international quality standard certificate. The company which effects the bank settlements in this country will offer software products complying with world quality requirements. ISO 9001 is granted by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. After auditing the company it established that Bankservice AD satisfies the international requirements to the quality of offered software products, has adequately organized its operation, and the personnel is experienced and well-qualified to perform its obligations. The certificate is an acknowledgement and a guarntee for the quality of operation. This will raise clients' trust and will increase their interest towards the products and services we offer, Alexander Tsintsarski, Managing Director and member of Bankservice AD Board of Directors said for the BANKER weekly.
The development of a system for management of quality began in October 2000 and within about 6-7 months Bankservice AD fulfilled the ISO 9001 requirements and put them into practical use in its operation. The Greek Hellenic Association for Quality A.S. was attracted as a consultant during this period. It helped the company to introduce the necessary changes in its operation in order to fulfill the requierd quality criteria. Bankservice AD actually introduced the ISO 9001 standard in its operation four months ago, but the international certificate was officially handed over only after the audit, carried out by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. The certificate includes development and maintenance of software and realization of software and telecommunication solutions.

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