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The leading world company for the production of banknotes-counting machines De La Reu presented its most recent facilities on June 11 at a seminar in the Sofia-based Bulgaria hotel. The event was co-organized by the British Embassy and the company Megatex, which is a distributor for Bulgaria of the UK firm, established in 1813. The representative of De La Reu for the Scandinavian region and Eastern Europe Dieter Brand acquainted the present bank experts with the wide capabilities of the machines, both in counting various money and the single European currency.The advantage of the new machines is that De La Reu which operates in 25 countries is in fact the company that worked out multiple protective elements for the euro banknotes in circulation. Accordingly, its counting machines are perhaps the most reliable for detecting counterfeit money. In addition to their high-speed capabilities (from 600 to 1,500 banknotes per minute) their functions are exceptionaly precise. They not only register the authenticity of the banknotes' paper, the UV and magnetic detectors, but their options include discerning of the banknotes' sizes, their par value and infrared detectors.According to Angel Angelov, Marketing and Sales Manager of Megatex, 90% of the local banks use machines of De La Reu, but they are not fit for euro banknotes because they were bought some ten years ago. This, on the other hand is a proof of their high quality. Currently. Megatex is finalizing the negotiations with a Bulgarian bank, with which we'll sign a contract for the purchase of 50-60 machines, Mr. Angelov said. The price is between GBP1,000-4,000 per machine, depending on the model.

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