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All teams of the Boeing department of Balkan will be able to fly again in two weeks. The first team left for London last Sunday, where its trainings will take place.
Ralitza Topchieva, syndic of the airline company, said on returning last week from Paris that the airline company will operate at least one Boeing 737-300. The money for the training of the Boeing crew was provided immediately.
This week, the Bulgarian airline company will receive one more TU 154 plane.
Until Zeevi Holding grounded Balkan in the middle of last February, the company had three planes Boeing 737 on leasing. The leaser General Electric took back its planes in the end of February.
This week the syndics of the airline company requested the Sofia City Court to declare invalid the sale of four of its TU 154-M planes, performed by Zeevi on January 25 this year. The syndics claim that the price paid by the buyer Vilkanya Limited Cyprus of USD2,25MN for the four planes is much lower than their real price was by the time of the sale.
The four planes in question are leased to Hemus Air now. The request of the syndics will not affect the annual program of Hemus Air, because they did not request for compensation measures, including stopping the flights with these planes.

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