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Six flight-hostesses from the Balkan Airlines appeared in front of Playboy magazine's cameras in unbuttoned uniforms. Insiders comment that this has been a PR action as the women received symbolic payment and the large sums enetered someone else's pockets. Yet the nude pictures shocked the company's trustees in banruptcy and the air-hostessed were threatened with dismissal. Nevertheless, the girls will appear in the November issue of the men's magazine, although at that time the national carrier might have already been liquidated.At the same time, on Tuesday (October 15) Balkan Airlines' staff blocked the road to the Sofia Airport. The time (after 2 p.m.) was chosen intentionally - this is the rush hour for foreign companies' flights. Seven flights were threatened while about hundred employees of Balkan protested against the liquidation of the national carrier. They expect this to be the result of the October 29 meeting of Balkan's creditors.For half an hour the access to the airport was cut off and the passengers were forced to run for their flights carrying heavy sacks. The only road to the airport was blocked by a traffic jam, formed by hundreds of cars, taxis and buses.The civil disobedience was organized by the local chapter of the Podkrepa Labour Confederation, which management led by Konstantin Trenchev appeared in front of the administrative building of the air-carrier after a meeting with Transport Minister Plamen Petrov.Valia Tsvetkova, Chairman of the local Podkrepa chapter, explained that the Transport Minister had been asked What will happen after October 29. He had given no clear answer. Tsvetkova also said that there were no five ready plans for the future of the aircompany as the media wrote. There is only one draft bill which has still not entered the Counci of Ministers for discussion. Bulgaria has one alternative carrier - Hemus Air, but it has no offices abroad.Podkrepa claims that since October 29 the road to Sofia Airport will be blocked every day if creditors decide to liquidate the national carrier.

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