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Assya Aksentieva will represent the Association of Bulgarian Insurers (ABI) in the National Insurance Council (NIC), decided the members of the branch organisation at its general meeting held on May 21.
Atanas Tabov, CEO of Allianz Bulgaria and chairman of ABI, was considered favourite for the post until the last minute. It was even discussed the idea to be voted the ABI chairman to represent the branch organisation in the National Insurance Council.
Assya Aksentieva is well-known in the insurance business. She is chief executive director of the Jupiter insurance company. Prior to that she has been head of a section in the Insurance Supervision Directorate and before joining the insurance supervision body she was executive director of Vitosha Life.
Mrs. Aksentieva is among the authors of the Insurance Law. This is her second consecutive mandate as a member of the ABI Managing Board. At the same time she presides ABI's juridical commission.
Dimitar Dimitrov, ex-director of DZI General Insurance, represented ABI in the council so far.
Beside the staff issues, ABI members discussed some changes in the statute of the association. The continuity of the mandate of the Managing Board was among the most discussed topics. Insurers decided to

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