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The Bulgarian representatives of leading US company Apple Computer asked for more competitive conditions in the tenders, held under the Public Procurement Act (PPA). The request was made during the official presentation of the company's new products. Although we want to, we are rarely able to participate in tender, invited by state institutions, because most assigners require the availability of Microsoft software, said Nikolai Savov, Manager of Bulgarian Business Systems Ltd., which is Apple's official representative in Bulgaria. Its computers can only operate with the systems created by the same company. According to Mr. Savov, state institutions often favour certain candidates in the tenders, held in accordance with the PPA, at the expense of others. This is a contradiction to the provisions of both the PPA and the Competition Protection Act. The company run by Mr. Savov will take part in the initiatives for amending the PPA by making specific proposals in order to create greater competition among the bidders. The ideas of Bulgarian Business Systems will be presented by the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT), in which it applied for membership. Until recently we were not allowed to do that, since the previous statute forbade companies with majority participation of foreign shareholders to become its members. This requirement was canceled at the last general meeting of the organisation, said Mr. Savov. He also compared the development of the information technologies in Bulgaria and Romania. Romania's state policy has progressed more in this field. It can be clearly seen in telecommunications - three GSM-operators are already working in Romania, and one national telecom has been privatized, added Mr. Savov.

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