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An Israeli company wants to build a large trade center in Sofia, the Israeli newspaper Maariv reported. The trade center according to the company Plaza Centers is to be situated in the heart of the city near the Sheraton hotel and will comprise several hotels and many stores. The company plans to invest USD30MN in its construction.
According to Maariv, the Mayor of Sofia had invited the president of Plaza Centers a few weeks ago and had shown him some terrains to choose among. A team of Israeli engineers and lawyers of the company will visit Sofia next week, the newspaper said. They will prepare the contracts to be signed with the municipality of Sofia. Sami Samoha, President of the Israeli company, confirmed the information in an interview.
Plaza Centers is a holding company with Israeli ownership, registered in the Netherlands, Bulgarian media learned. The company operates mainly in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe on projects for development, construction, leasing, and management of trade centres and amusement places. Plaza Centers has built up 12 trade and amusement centres in Hungary where it is currently building another four such establishments. One such centre is operating in Poland and 13 more are under construction. Two centres are being built in the Czech Republic and Romania each, and one - in Greece. The company has set as its aim to build a total of 60 such centres within five years after setting foot in Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, and the Ukraine.
StҐfan Sofiyanski, Mayor of Sofia, visited Tel Aviv several months ago, accompanied by some senior officials dealing with investments. The visit was aimed at attracting deals to Bulgaria and to the capital Sofia.

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