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A two-day international conference Intellectual Property, Inter net, E-Commerce and Traditional Knowledge was held in Sofia.
The new century will be a century of knowledge and intellectual capital, and in this context intellectual property is getting more and more closely linked with all aspects of our life, bulgarian president Peter Stoyanov who attended the conference, said in his opening address.
The effectiveness of the system of intellectual property protection depends on the mass awareness of the system itself and of its advantages, Stoyanov said. The main conclusion politicians must draw now is that the global revolution in technology and information and the transformation of intellectual creativity into a first-rate production asset open up to countries like Bulgaria a unique chance to shorten the distance to even the most advanced countries, he added. In his view, awareness of the issues related to intellectual property and its protection should be prioritized.
World Intellectual Property Organization Director General Kamil Idris addressed the participants in the conference. Among them were representatives of 34 countries and more than 100 members of the National Intellectual Property Association of Bulgaria.

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