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The interest of foreigners towards real estates in our country is most frequently aroused by surfing through the specialized Bulgarian INTERNET sites. This becomes evident from a review of the most popular Bulgarian portals which include selling offers for real estates that are attractive to foreigners. According to experts of Imot.bg, which contains information in three languages - English, German and Russian - the Americans are the most active. In January 2004 alone, they visited 8,695 times the website. Iceland and Germany follow with 1,191 and 873 visits, respectively. Twenty five visits were made from computers, registered in the net as owned by the US Government. Englishmen, that were believed to be the most active participants in the Bulgarian real estates market are fourth according to the number of visits to Imot.bg - 662. Some of the users are Bulgarians who live and work abroad and plan to come back to their mother country. There are also a number of foreign real estate agencies which look for a selling offer for their clients, specifying requirements such as price, location and extras. The list of the website's visitors even includes people from countries such as Brazil, the Dominican Republic and New Zealand. Almost 40,000 foreigners have used INTERNET to get information about selling offers for Bulgarian real estates.

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