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Financial Times Deutschland wrote that BBDO Consulting and the university professor Bernd Wirtz ranked Allianz Group as the strongest trade mark in Gerany on the basis of a market research, analyzing eight main criteria. The trade mark Allianz Group, evaluated at EUR28.7BN, tops this rating which includes the companies listed in Germany's index Dax-30. It is followed by BASF and Siemens.Allianz was ranked second in Gremany last year when its trade mark was estimated at EUR23BN. DaimlerChrysler, which was No 1 in 2001, occupies the 4th place this year.Allianz Group is in the first trio in Europe. It is 3rd in the rating of EuroStoxx 50, following the Italian oil company ENI with its trade mark Agip, and ING Group.The system of principles for evaluating trade marks (BEES), worked out by BBDO Consulting and Prof. Wirtz, uses eight criteria to evaluate a trade mark. They include the pretax profit, the development of sales, the effects from sales, and the prospects for the company's development. Additional indicators, which are used are: international ranking, size of the advertising budget, stability of sales within the branch, and image of the trade mark.The value of the trade mark of each company included in Dax-30 is formed by the sum of the values of the individual trade marks, Prof. Wirtz explaines. BEES does not determine the value of the parent company, but the value of all trade marks, included in it.Our metodology has been acknowledged as an internationally accepted approach, says Prof. Wirtz who gives lectures in management at the Witten-Herdecke University. Moreover, the methodology is checked and if necessary improved each year. According to Prof. Wirtz the comparability of the results has been ensured.

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