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For the first quarter of 2001 the yield reached 2.75%, and it was duly referred to the individual account of each customer, said Sofia Hristova - Allianz Bulgaria Pension Insurance Co. Executive Director - to the Banker weekly. The yield of the resources collected as pension provisions is calculated on a monthly basis and is immediately referred to the individual account of each person ensured.
In 2000 the pension insurance company distributed and referred to the individual accounts of the insured persons an yield amounting to 10.7%.
Allianz Bulgaria Pension Insurance Co. was licenced for pension insurance activities in October 2000. The company was registered in Bulgaria six years earlier. The pension provisions received in Allianz Bulgaria in 2000 amounted to over BGL23MN. This represents a 37.2% growth of the company activities according to this indicator. At present total assets managed by the company amount to over BGL51MN. It has registered three pension funds. The number of the voluntary pension insurance fund customers exceeds 217,000 people, while those who have signed contracts with the professional fund are more than 27,000 people.
The campaign for attracting customers to the universal pension fund is on-going. The results are rather promising. Only for the first three months since the campaing opening, the number of customers has already reached some 82,000 people, said Sofia Hristova to the Banker weekly. We receive about several thousand applications daily.

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