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The insurance and reinsurance company Allianz Bulgaria Life has been testing lately all its products according to the value added indicator. It is usually published in the company's official reports in Germany, Great Britain, and Switzerland, and is very important for the clients, because it considers the long-term character of saving insurances, and when catastrophic risks occur or the interest rates go down, keeps track of how that reflects on the business. As part of the Allianz group Allianz Bulgaria Life each year makes an index-linking of its products in the long-term insurance with that specific indicator, correcting its insurances in the following years according to its rates. This gives security to the company's clients, having in mind that Life insurances with saving elements are closed for a term of 15-20 years on the average. Another novelty is the additional health coverage, included in the combined Life insurance with saving elements. It is offerd in euro and US dollars. In addition to the main coverage, each customer may choose also a combined one, including costs for medical treatment or expenses in case of disablement. Clients may also choose an option to get back the money they have spent for medicines or hospitalization. Additional discounts are offered to customers who have purchased an insurance for more than one risk, or to those who pay in advance for certain risks.

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