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To collect the money of people is part of the politicians' obligations all over the world. This is a fact, no matter what people think when they elect their rulers. Bulgarians are aware of this fact, too. But they also have a suspicion. That this is the only thing their politicians think about. Politicians simply don't have enough time. They are doing their best to find new methods for rummaging in other people's pockets and they forget that they should also do them favours. Two great ideas were generated the last week alone.The Minister of the Environment and Waters Dolores Arsenova proposed that tourists who visit Bulgarian natural parks be required to pay a fee. Obviously, nobody cares that the citizens of this country have rights, apart from obligations. Assen Dyulgerov, Secretary of the Sofia Municipality, announced these days he would propose that car drivers pay a BGN30 sanction if they park their cars on the pavement. The fine will be collected by the Sofia inspectors so that the empty treasury of the capital can be filled.People who live in Sofia know everything about the empty treasury. The problem is whether Mr. Dyulgerov knows where, except on the pavements and in front of the municipal office, the Parliament, and the Council of Ministers building, it is possible to park your car in Sofia. What changes have been made in the past two years regarding the parking in Sofia? There are only higher prices and sanctions and much more trouble now. Inspectors will stick labels with the amount of the fine on the wind-screen of the violator, Mr. Dyulgerov proposes. The municipality should print millions of these labels - at least the business seems to be promising. Because municipal inspectors think of the money, not of the parking rules.Sofia's citizens do not expect the municipality to build the parking lots it has been promising for ten years now. What people also know is that they shouldn't rely on promises that their streets will be mended, cleaned and lightened again.

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