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The shareholders in Albena Invest Holding AD decided at the company's extraordinary meeting on October 14 to pay tantiems (annual bonuses) to the company's Management Board Supervisory Board members. The reason is the managerial team's commitment to achieve the financial results, specified by the holding. Supervisory Board members will get BGN30,000 of additional remuneration from the company's undistributed profit for 2005 and the same amount will be paid to the management Board.
The Dobrich District Court has registered an increase of the equity capital of Bryast - D AD, a subsidiary to Albena Invest Holding, from BGN150,000 to BGN400,000 through issuance of 250,000 new, registered, book-entry, voting shares of BGN1 par and issue value of BGN1.10 each. Prior the capital increase Albena Invest Holding AD owned 90.83% of company's equity, and now already holds a 96.56% stake.
The holding's consolidated profit for the first half of the year rose 26% reaching BGN2,132,000, up from BGN1,695,000 for the same period of 2005. As of June 30 the company's equity amounted to BGN5.5MN, and its share capital totalled BGN106,299,000.

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