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Microsoft Bulgaria will design and set up a state-of-the-art info system for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as per the agreement signed on January 8 between the Agriculture Minister Ahmed Dikme and the Managing Director of the software leader for Bulgaria Teodor Milev. The system is intended to facilitate the coordination between the ministry's departments and other structures of the state administration. The system will present accurate, summarized information at any time to all regional divisions of the Agriculture Ministry and the land commissions. This will shorten the procedures for issuing licences and permissions and will facilitate the management of big infrastructural projects, financed by the European Union and the SAPARD programme. According to Mr. Dikme, the establishment of a unified info system will contribute to the quicker completion of negotiations with the EU on the Agriculture Chapter.The project's fianancial details will be agreed within 90 days after signing the contract. Microsoft will use its previous experience from the establsihment of such systems in other countries and will invest in consulting services and know-how. Agriculture Ministry experts who will actively participate in the project's realization, will be trained in the centres of the technological leader. The aim is to set up a system that would guarantee a high degree of security, improvement of the quality of information and the efficiency of the ministry's officials.

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