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The Director of Premier Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha's Office Stoyan Ganev did not deny the possibility of reschuffling the Government in the near future. He replied to the BANKER weekly's question that it's normal for each minister to bear the respective responsibility, and as the boss of each company can dismiss anyone who does not perform adequately his duties, there would be no prinicpal problems to replace the ministers in MP Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha's Cabinet. However, Mr. Ganev refused to make any personal assessments about individual members of the Government, as according to him the media were much better in doing that.On January 3 the Director of the Premier's Cabinet came back from New York and straight from the airport was driven to Dondoukov 1. On his arrival at the airport he told journalists he expected the necessary basis for marking a turning point in Bulgaria's economy would be set up in 2002. According to him, this means to provide economic freedom, loosen the licensing and administrative regimes, and cut down taxes. Real unemployment, according to him, is currently between 20 and 40 per cent. It could be reduced by decreasing taxes and negotiating more actively with international institutions. The State is obliged to knock down money laundrers, drug traffickers and profiteers, Mr. Ganev added when outlining the forecasts for 2002.The Director of PM's Office was not so much optimistic about Bulgaria's NAO membership. We should be very careful when speaking about NATO because there is nothing certain in the field of diplomacy, Mr. Ganev said cautiosly regarding the recent frequent pessimistic forecasts about inviting Bulgaria to join the North Atlantic Pact.

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