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The parliamentary Budgetary and Finance Commission approved the annual reports of the Audit Office for the period 1997-2000. The state controlling body should also present a detailed report on the sanctions, imposed on violators.The MPs agreed that the Audit Office should operate more transparently and should announce the real number of sanctioned illegal activities. Until now the office reported how many cases it sent to other instances.The Audit Office must present its report on the sanctions imposed together with a draft law on its own activity. The draft has already been prepared, but no date for discussion has been appointed yet. Georgi Pirisnki, Deputy Chairman of the National assembly Budgetary and Finance Commission, was the first to talk about the lack of violators.According to the reports of the Audit Office for the work done in the last 4 years, the budget funds have not been quite properly managed. Money has been spent inefficiently and administrative structures with vague functions have been established. As usual, the head of the Audit Office presented the number of violations and the instances which sanction them - the Ministry of Finance, regional governors and municipal councils. They are expected to take the necessary measures.Although municipalities improve their budget discipline every year, they are still the biggest violators of budget spending.

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