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The Bank Consolidation Company /BCC/ decided on a new final date for submitting offers in the BIOCHIM tender, well informed financial sources revealed to the Banker weekly. A month ago the BCC announced that the deadline was December 28. The new final date has been set for January 23. The reason for that is the desire of the BCC to give more time to the investors for preparing their offers.

iRegent.Com will most probably win the BIOCHIM tender. According to some sources from the banking sector, the BCC, owner of 99.9% of the bank's shares would sell them for about DEM50MN.

Only two investors - iRegent.Com and the Commercial Bank of Greece - of the initially six bidders remained till the previous final stage. Austria Bank Creditanstalt International, Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria), the French giant BNP - Paribas and the Italian credit institution Banco Nacionale del Lavoro withdrew from the bidding.
Now the bets in the banking system are 3:1 in favour of iRegent.Com. The company has been extremely agressive at the financial markets of South-Eastern Europe for the last two years. In 1999 it bought the Bulgarian HEBROSBANK and in 2000 the Croatian Dalmatinska Banka; at the moment it is negotiating the acquisition of the Romanian Banca Agricola. The company intends to establish its Balkan banking network centred in Bulgaria. It has special interests in Bulgaria, where it intends to take a significant market share and is planning to invest a substantial amount in order to materialize its intentions.

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