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A secret meeting between Muravey Radev, Minister of Finance and Gad Zeevi, owner of the majority stake of shares of the Balkan Airlines took place on November 14 in the Ministry of Finance, learned a reporter of the Banker weekly.

The theme of discussion was the fulfilment of the obligations both of the state and the buyer, as well as some newly placed requests of Gad Zeevi. According to some sources the Minister of Finance has rejected the request of the Israeli businessman for money in cash which Balkan Airlines would use for covering some alleged liabilities. The minister has also refused financial support for the clearance of the Boeing 737-300 BOF arrested on October 16 at the Heathrow Airport in London. With a we shall see the Minister has met only the request for rescheduling of the Balkan Airlines debt to the Civil Flight Administration.

On November 15, when the validity of the previous operation licence expired, Balkan Airlines received a new one, with a 1-year validity. According to it, the company has the right to carry passangers, cargo, mail, and ... human organs. All Balkan airplanes, both owned and rented, are allowed to carry also dangerous cargo. Balkan Airlines were licenced to fly throughout Europe, Afrika, Asia, South America, Australia, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean. North America is the only missing in the list. The licence mentions all planes rented and owned by Balkan Airlines, including the one arrested at the Heathrow Airport.

The Banker weekly learned that on the same day, November 15, has expired the 30-day term for the carrier to clear the arrested plane. According to the international aviation conventions and rules Eurocontrol has now the right to announce a tender for the plane. However, this has not yet been done.

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